General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement between the Client and Traductions Houle inc.

 These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement between the client and Traductions Houle inc. for the provision of translation and revision services or other related services (i.e. page formatting of a translated text, etc.).

The agreement between the client and Traductions Houle inc. may take the form of an e-mail, in which case, it shall include information provided by the client and Traductions Houle inc. in e-mails exchanged on the project (instructions, description of the work, documents covered by the agreement, date the source documents are received by Traductions Houle inc. and date the translated documents shall be sent to the client, description of the deliverables, invoice mailing address, client name and contact information, price and deadline proposal, etc.).

By approving our price and deadline proposal or by placing an order, the client indicates acceptance of the present general terms and conditions.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of the Client

–  If the client wishes to use the services of Traductions Houle inc., the client shall place an order in writing (i.e. by e-mail) to Traductions Houle inc. or confirm its acceptance in writing of the price and deadline proposed by Traductions Houle inc.

– The client shall provide easily readable source (original) documents, within the formats and timeframes agreed to with Traductions Houle inc.

– The client shall specify, when needed, the target audience or end users of the translated documents.

– The client shall answer, as soon as possible and to the best of its knowledge, any questions that may be asked by the translator.

– Unless otherwise specified, the client shall pay the invoice within thirty days following the billing date. The terms of payment are indicated on the invoice.

  1. Skills and Competencies of Translators, Revisers and Proofreaders

Unless otherwise indicated, Traductions Houle inc. shall have the text translated by an experienced translator holding at least a Bachelor of Translation and/or the professional title of certified translator.

Unless otherwise indicated, texts to be revised shall be given to professionals with the training and/or the professional title indicated above as well as many years of experience in translation or revision.

Unless otherwise indicated, texts to be proofread (i.e. technical proofreading) shall be given to experienced proofreaders or, where required, to specialists in the field in the target language.

  1. Quality Assurance

Traductions Houle inc. has a multi-stage quality assurance process that has proven effective since 1981. Our experienced translators, revisers and proofreaders use the latest technological tools to produce quality texts.

  1. Confidentiality

Traductions Houle inc. places considerable emphasis on the confidentiality of texts. Our offices have Government of Canada security clearance, and all our translators, revisers and proofreaders have at least « reliability status ».

  1. Fees and Payment

To determine fees, Traductions Houle inc. first examines the project proposed by the client. Based on this review, Traductions Houle inc. establishes:

–  the type of fee (i.e. by the word or by the hour) based on what is appropriate for the nature of the work requested (i.e. translation, revision, formatting, etc.);

– the rate charged based on the work to be done (i.e. technical text, etc.).

Project fees, rates and costs are outlined in the Traductions Houle inc. price and deadline proposal, as well as on the invoice.

Payment terms and conditions are specified on the invoice.

  1. Provisions for Termination of the Agreement

Should the client wish to terminate the agreement before the translation or revision work is completed, the client shall notify Traductions Houle inc. in writing as soon as possible. The termination shall take effect only when Traductions Houle inc. has confirmed to the client that it has received said notification.

When an agreement has been terminated, Traductions Houle inc. shall bill the client only for the number of words translated and/or the number of hours worked on the project at the moment Traductions Houle inc. confirmed to the client that the notice of termination was received.